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NGS Welcomes 4 New Members

Yet another busy week at NGS HQ as we welcome the arrival of 4 new members to our family. This week alone, we have seen 3 new female footballers sign with us & we've also added to our Management Team behind the scenes.

Our latest clients include Celtic and Scotland u19's midfielder Emma Craig, Everton and Wales u19's winger Emily Jones and former Everton central midfielder in Georgia Teare.

Georgia Teare (on signing with NGS) - "I'm really happy to be joining NGS. It was a no brainer from the start that I wanted to sign because what NGS offer is exactly what a footballer wants from an agent - 100% honesty and support."

NGS (on the new additions) - "This week we have seen 3 excellent footballers join us! With Emily and Emma we have 2 very exciting international players who have such a promising future ahead, and Georgia is someone who we see so much potential in so we're very pleased to be part of their journey. The new member of our Management Team offers a different dimension to our infrastructure, they have been with us now for a couple of weeks and has been an excellent addition for us."

Further details will be revealed over the coming days.

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