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Next Gen Welcome 4 New Corporate Partners:

Twitter, AlphaGrip, PowerGun & Nike

After a busy few weeks at Next Gen HQ, we're delighted to announce 4 fantastic new companies that we have formed corporate relationships and official brand partnerships with including Twitter, AlphaGrip, PowerGun and Nike.

Reece Land, Founder & Managing Director of Next Gen Sport Solutions told us "We're very happy to have started working closely with 4 fantastic new companies. Twitter are one of the major players in the social media world and our new partnership allows us to enhance our clients Twitter experience but also work closely with Twitter to provide a level of protection to our clients against derogatory comments that athletes often experience.

AlphaGrip & PowerGun have been working with us for a couple of weeks now and we've been delighted with not only the quality of their products, but also the standard of service that we've received from them. They've both gone above and beyond to accommodate us and both companies have really bought into the Next Gen brand. When we work with brand partners, we look for companies that have a similar ethos so we're looking forward to working with them moving forward. Our PowerGun partnership will allow our clients to recover efficiently after training and games ensuring that performances remain at the optimum levels.

To have formed a relationship with Nike is something we're very happy about. Nike are another globally recognised brand and we're looking forward to working with them."

Next Gen Official Twitter Account