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"I'll take women's boxing by storm"

In our latest 'Getting To Know' episode, we chat to Next Gen Sport Solutions boxing sensation Gemma Richardson.

Gemma is currently an England International Boxer winning 1 World Championship, 3 European Championships and 5 National Championships whilst being in the Team GB squad for the future Olympics.

Gemma started by telling us "The last 6 months have been fantastic. I'm now full time on the GB podium potential team. I had camp over in Colorado which is the home of the American boxing team which was a great experience. 

Towards the end of last year, Gemma won her 3rd European Gold Medal in Bulgaria at the European Championships, but what many people don't know is that Gemma actually suffered a Grade 2 tear on her Sagittal Band in her right hand just a couple of weeks before flying out meaning she couldn't use her right hand at all. It was touch and go in the run up to the European Championships as to whether Gemma would still compete, but she did, and she won her 3rd gold medal. Gemma told us "I had to keep training twice a day but only with 1 hand incase I could still go (to the European Championships). Luckily I had a great team working with me and England sent over a fantastic physio, I spent most of my time when I wasn't boxing in an ice bucket or on the physio table. When it came to my fights, it was a case of I had to grin and bear the pain. Thankfully the gamble paid off and I returned home with my 3rd gold medal."

Women's boxing is on the rise currently with the likes of Katie Taylor and Terri Harper at the pinnacle of the sport. "Having the likes of Katie Taylor, Terri Harper and other boxers like Stacey Copeland paving the way in the professional ranks have to inspire you. They're getting the message out that females can box and show the skill and determination that's needed. In the next few years I'm looking to join the pro's but firstly I have my own journey towards the 2024 Olympics then we can look at the pro's" Gemma added.

NGS added  "Women's boxing is thriving at the minute and by the time Gemma turns professional it'll hopefully be even bigger. We believe that Gemma is arguably one of the biggest prospects coming through in women's boxing and we're very excited to see what she can achieve, not only in the amateurs but also on her Olympic journey and then when she turns pro. When you look at what Gemma did recently in the European Championships, essentially with one hand shows just how much of a winners mindset she has. We have every confidence in Gemma to reach the very top and be a World Champion." 

Gemma responded to these comments by saying "It's nice to hear people say that I'm a good prospect but I still have to prove it and even though I've won so much there's still a long way to go to reach my goals that I've set but working with Reece and the team at Next Gen Sport Solutions and having them part of my team is definitely a bonus."

Gemma isn't the only exciting boxing prospect in her family, her brother James is also on the rise and making some fantastic progress in the amateurs. We asked James about Gemma which he quoted "Gemma is a massive prospect in boxing. The next 4 years will be when Gemma is able to show just how good she is and really make a name for herself and hopefully qualify for the Commonwealth games in 2022 and then the 2024 Olympics. Gemma has such an entertaining style and is aggressive which will suit her massively going forward. Now she's a senior boxer people will begin to see much more of why she's such a big prospect."

We asked Gemma some quick fire questions:

Q) What's the 2 things you can't live without?

A) Family & Simran Kaur (my best friend, room mate and fellow boxing team mate for the last 5 years)

Q) What's your dream holiday destination?

A) Somewhere hot that looks like paradise. Bora Bora would be my number 1

Q) Who's the better boxer in you and your brother?

A) That's a hard call. On paper I would say me haha! But truthfully I would say James and I'm lucky that he's a massive part of my team.

Q) Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?

A) With a 2022 Commonwealth Games gold medal at home and working towards the 2024 Olympics in Pairs. 

We conclude this interview by asking Gemma what her goals and ambitions are, which she answered "I don't compare myself to anyone but my dream and focus is to one day follow the footsteps of Terri Harper and hopefully win a world title myself. I have been lucky enough to spar with Terri on a couple of occasions and it's going to be amazing to see how far she can go now. I want to box on the big shows and headline shows. I will take women's boxing by storm."

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