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Getting To Know: Annie Rossiter

In our latest 'Getting To Know' interview, we take a closer look at one of our new clients at NGS, Annie Rossiter.

Annie Rossiter, 18, came through the RTC at Millwall and was a crucial part of their season last year in The Women's Championship before signing for London City Lionesses at the start of this season to be a full time footballer. We started by asking Annie about last season at Millwall and her journey through RTC football and into senior football, Annie told us "From the RTC in u16's I went straight into first team football with Millwall, and that was a tough year. We had a young squad (last season at Millwall) with an average age of about 19 so we were all learning and growing as players. But I learnt a lot that year about myself and to be playing senior football in The Championship at 16/17 was a great experience and to also play against teams like West Ham, Arsenal and Liverpool. I was also getting called up to England a lot more at this point and I made my debut for the u18's - definitely a big highlight of my career for me."

Away from football, Annie is still in education and studying Sports Development, Coaching & Fitness at college alongside her full time football schedule at London City. Moving to a professional full time schedule this season, we asked Annie if she's come across any notable differences, which she responded "The biggest difference for me is the time on the pitch. Being able to train 4x a week during the day compared to maybe 2x per week in the evening is much more beneficial for me being only 18, I have a lot more to improve on and the schedule gives me more time to do that. Being able to say I'm a professional footballer is amazing, it's what you dream about. I'm still definitely not there yet, I have a lot more goals and so much more to improve in my own game."

Annie only recently joined NGS in February 2020. Reece Land, Managing Director of Next Gen Sport Solutions told us "Annie is still a new client with us but someone we're excited about. She's another one of our young players but she has the experience of senior football now on her side. Last season was difficult but we can't forget that Annie now has nearly 2 years senior football under her belt in The Championship, and for an 18 year old that's quite rare. Annie also has an unbelievable attitude and although we've only been working together for a few weeks, I know that if Annie believes in herself just half as much as we believe in her, then there's absolutely no reason why she can't be a WSL player within a few years." Annie responded to these comments by saying "It's great to have people around you that believe in you. I've always struggled with believing in myself so it's always good to hear these comments. NGS are great at what they do, there's a lot of recognition for NGS and that shows with how many girls are wanting to work with them. Reece and I are always in contact and I know if I ever need anything, he and his team will be on hand to help with whatever it is."

We asked Annie some quick fire questions:

Q) Who are your closest friends in football?

A) I think theres a lot of people to name, some I've met this year and some I've played with for years in RTC football. I'm probably closest to Lenny Priest & Evie Clarke but there's a lot of girls I could name.

Q) What's the 2 things you can't live without?

A) I love my car and the other would probably be music.

Q) What's the 2 song's you're listening to at the minute?

A) Justin Bieber - Intentions & a few songs from Boogies recent album.

Q) Dream holiday destination?

A) Maldives or Bora Bora

Q) What are your hobbies away from football?

A) I try and spend time with friends and family going out for meals and just general activities. I used to do horse riding when I was very young alongside football, it's still something I love but don't have the time to do anymore.

Q) When you go into a coffee shop, what's your order?

A) I'm not really a fan of hot drinks.

Q) If you could invite 3 celebrities or famous people to your house for dinner, who would they be and why?

A) Cristiano Ronaldo - He's one of the best athletes in the world and his journey is inspiring.

David & Romeo Beckham - Why not??

Q) Do you have any pre-match rituals or superstitions?

A) Not really, but I always wear Under Armour.

To keep up to date with Annie Rossiter's career, make sure you're following her official social media channels:

Twitter: @AnnieRossiterx

Instagram: annie.rossiter

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