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Getting To Know: Katie Lockwood

Katie Lockwood is another one of our most recent clients, again joining Next Gen Sport Solutions in February this year.

Over the last couple of weeks, the COVID-19 outbreak has been a worrying time for everyone, but how has this global crisis effected the lives of female footballers? We speak exclusively to Katie Lockwood as we find out more about who she really is, and how COVID-19 prevented her from signing a professional contract over the last few days.

3 years ago, Katie made the move to America to attend Eastern Florida State College for 2 years before making the transfer to Campbell University in North Carolina. Katie told us "I've really enjoyed my time here in America. This past season I captained the team to one of the best season records in the college's history and to a 2nd place finish in our league. I've managed to pick up many accolades including being named in the NCCSIA All State First Team. In the last 3-4 years, I've also managed to visit and play in over 20 states in America involving flying to many of our games, staying in the best hotels and living a dream lifestyle. Being able to train everyday full time alongside my studies has allowed me to really develop and work on my game."

Away from football, Katie is still surrounded by sport as she tells us "When I'm not playing football, I'm usually watching it or keeping up to date with the latest news so some would say I don't really have a life away from football. However, I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management with a minor in Business Administration where I'm planning to graduate in May."

Over the last few weeks and the rise of COVID-19 has caused many issues globally which have effected Katie. In the last few days, Katie was due to sign a professional contract outside of The US, but a travel ban on European flights from America has prevented Katie from travelling to the club to complete a medical and the formalities of signing the contract. Reece Land, Managing Director of Next Gen Sport Solutions told us "It's so frustrating with the position that we've found ourselves in. Katie was due to fly out with our Management Team to finalise the medical and contract over the last few days but everything was put on hold. The club that Katie was due to sign for then had to opt to sign a player in their country on professional terms because there's no light at the end of the tunnel as to when Katie would actually be able to fly out there. This isn't the fault of Katie or the club, these are just external underlying issues that is out of everyones control. The club have to make sure they have a strong squad, and for example if Katie can't get out there for another 5-6 weeks because of restrictions then the club are left with no other option.  She's a fantastic footballer though so we know theres already quite a bit of interest in England and across Europe for her. A lot of people have asked me over the last few days how COVID-19 will effect the summer transfer window, but the answer is, it's effecting things already."

Katie responded to these comments by saying "Due to everything thats happening over here with the Coronavirus it has seriously effected me over the last few days with missing out on becoming a professional footballer. Since Donald Trump announced the travel ban, it's prevented me from signing a professional contract and showcasing my talent which is devastating for me. Working with Next Gen & Reece has been great so far though, they've made the process so smooth and easy for me and I'm excited about what other opportunities are coming up."

The underlying effects fall far deeper than the ones that are getting broadcasted, with players having pre-booked holidays and several potential contractual implications. Katie's story over the last few days is just one of many.

We asked Katie a few quick fire questions about herself:

Q)  What's the 2 things you can't live without?


Yorkshire Puddings & Gravy - It's a real struggle without them in The US haha!

Q)  What 2 songs are you listening to at the minute?

Anything on Post Malones new album and Piano Man as it was played a ridiculous amount on the cruise I just went on.

Q)  Dream holiday destination?
Bora Bora or the Maldives

Q)  When you go to a coffee shop, what's your order?

Tea or a fruit smoothie...I'm not really a coffee drinker.

Q)  If you could invite 3 celebrities around for dinner, who would they be and why?

Martin Luther King Jr - What a guy! A real inspiration.

David Wagner - He made the impossible possible for my team Huddersfield Town.

Cristiano Ronaldo - One of the best footballers and a great role model, his story is inspiring too.

Q)  Any pre-match rituals or superstitions?

Always right before left when getting ready.

Q)  Favourite Food?

Has to be pasta or a good steak! Although I do love a cheeky nandos.

Q)  Yorkshire or The US?

Tough question - both have pros and cons and I'd miss things from both.

Q)  Favourite TV Show and Film?

TV Show - Prison Break

Film - Dirty Dancing

Q)  Motivation quote that you like?

Got to be "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"

Q) If you could change 1 thing about women's football, what would it be?

The way it's perceived. People are always going to compare it to men's football but I often feel people forget to appreciate talent when they see it. People should be more understanding of the differences and not complain or hate on it.

Q)  Describe yourself as a footballer?

Versatile box to box midfielder, capable of putting tackles in when the team needs lifting. Will score goals and create chances for other players. Hard working and extremely competitive!

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