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Management Services

We are one of the only Talent Management Companies that offer a full range of services. NGS are focused on protecting our Clients in all aspects of their Careers.

Contracts, Transfers & Loan Negotiations 

Football Specific Agent Services

NGS take full care of our clients' sporting careers. We specialise in contract negotiations and will move mountains to ensure that our clients are offered the best deals at the best clubs. We know the footballing industry inside-out.

Individual Brand Enhancement

Media, Social Media & Influencer - Opportunities

NGS specialise in seeking Media and Social Media opportunities for our Clients. We understand that our clients are more than just sports people. We enhance our client's personal brand, to ultimately develop more than just the athlete or the coach. NGS also provide social media training, social media management services and full traditional media training (Broadcasting, Presenting, Punditry). We have formed great relationships with Sky Sports, The BBC, Forbes, The Athletic and many more.

Sponsorships and Endorsements

Clients Working With Global Brands

Sponsorships and Endorsements are a major part of Women's Sport. NGS will negotiate commercial and corporate deals between our clients and sporting brands. We have formed great relationships with brands such as Porsche, Mercedes and Adidas. 

Other Services

NGS Provide Exclusive Access to a Range of Other Services

We offer to our Clients' other services such as; Mental Health Support, Sport Psychology Support, Relocation Support, Welfare Support, Wealth Management Support, Legal and Financial Assistance, Car Purchasing / Finance / Leasing, Holiday Packages.

Working With Next Gen Sports

NGS specialise in career management, commercial deals and media opportunities.

We are proud to work with some of the most talented individuals in sport and we aways ensure that we are working in a transparent and professional manner. NGS builds trusting, long-lasting relationships with clients, sports clubs and brand partners.