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Next Gen Sign Michael Jordan:

Bundesliga First Team Player

In 2010, Michael was one of the few US players to sign a professional contract in Europe. 

He went on to play for Darmstadt against Bayern Munich in The Bundasliga and has played in stadiums of over 20,000 people.

Michael has played in USA, Germany, Switzerland and Portugal and has a wealth of experience at the highest level.

A previous Coach of Michael's added that as a player, "he trains at match intensity and has the mentality to always work hard." 

NGS are looking forward to working with Michael and playing a part in what will continue to be a hugely successful career.

Michael Jordan Instagram

Michael Jordan on signing with NGS: "NGS have made incredible strides and are growing at such a speed. Their hunger and ambition is what attracted me the most. It's also a pleasure to work with Jordan. She has the most extensive knowledge in the game of football, that I have seen.”

Next Gen Co-Owner Jordan Guard added: "Michael is a fantastic player with a wealth of experience at the highest level of the game. His passion for football and wanting to be the best, is infectious. We're really looking forward to being a part of his journey from here. Michael is going to do some great things."