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Mission Accomplished For The Hardy's

Since signing with NGS, Rio & Steffi Hardy have had a very successful 5 months over in Cyprus. In January 2019, twin sisters Rio & Steffi Hardy joined the NGS family after playing at a professional standard in Iceland. Due to the Icelandic football leagues timetable, Rio & Steffi Hardy returned back home to Cumbria at the start of the year without a club.

Rio Hardy (on the last 5 months) - "The last 5 months have been incredible. Both our professional clubs in Iceland and Cyprus have been so welcoming to us. We knew we had to win the game last week in order to win the title and and we were always going to score at least once. The mood around the squad was always positive, there were a few nerves from some of the girls but we always had the belief we could win. After all the chaos, we had all the fans running on the pitch going crazy with fireworks and flares! The fans were massive for us in that game and we're so thankful. It meant a lot to have our family over to see us win our first professional trophy, we owe everything to them in our careers so far, they've been the one's driving and flying with us around the world.  I'm very excited now for the future, football has brought me so much already and I'm confident it will bring even more."

Steffi Hardy (Reflecting on the last 5 months) - "It's been great, getting the experience to play football full time and achieve a lifelong dream of being a footballer has been everything I expected, and more. It was tense when we first arrived as we were 2nd in the league so it was do or die in the last game and we managed to get a last minute winner and take the league title and Champions League place. The fans had flares, fire crackers and all sorts of songs and to win in the fashion that we did, going 1-0 down and then coming back to win, was definition of scenes! I'm excited for the future, the feeling of winning last weekend really made me crave more success and moments like that so I'm looking forward to seeing what the future brings."

Rio & Steffi Hardy (on working with NGS) - "We'd heard really good things about NGS from one of their clients who is a friend of ours and she told us to get in contact with them and we haven't looked back since. They provide everything that you need as an athlete in order to succeed. The support we've had these first 5 months has been unrivalled. It's nice to know they really care about us as people, as well as players. They've been with us every step of the way since we signed, even coming out to see us 3 times to ensure everything is going well. They are the company to be with in women's football!"

Rio, Steffi and everyone at NGS would also like to wish the England Lionesses the best of luck this summer at The World Cup.

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