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Mission Statement

Women's Sport is on the rise. Our mission statement is to provide protection, enhancement and opportunities to all of our clients. We feel that the support system surrounding female athletes hasn't had the right infrastructure to benefit athletes, we're here to change this. 

As it stands, NGS Clients are using our services for many different aspects of their careers including welfare support, performance support, representation and many more reasons. The infrastructure within NGS, including our official partners, allows our clients to know that all bases are covered in relation to their careers, on and off the field.

We pride ourselves on the family environment at NGS, where our clients can contact us and we'll always be on hand to assist, whatever the reason. The NGS philosophies are based around trust, loyalty, honesty and transparency.

Since we formed in January 2018, we have seen a very quick rise not only internally but within women's sport in general. We believe having the right support system can be critical. A huge amount of people involved in sport will agree that it can be a very lonely and isolating place at times, we want all our clients to know they'll always have someone to turn to in NGS.

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