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Next Gen Media Productions Enters The Next Gen Corporate Structure

We're delighted to announce the arrival of Next Gen Media Productions as the latest entity to form part of the Next Gen corporate stucture.

Next Gen Media Productions will be the exclusive media production company for all Next Gen associated companies & entities, with huge productions set to hit your screens shortly.

In the coming months, we're due to launch our very own unique broadcasting platform which will only show exclusive content created by Next Gen Media Productions. Filming is due to commence on several different projects including:

- An Access All Area's docu-series of a women's football club in which we will follow them for a whole season behind the scenes,

- Exclusive series where we follow Next Gen clients over the course of a full season on & off the pitch,

- The Next Gen Monthly Press Conferences, 

- Behind the scenes docu-series of Next Gen HQ showing how we operate as a leading sports management company,

- & much, much more.

Next Gen Media Productions also aim to tender for the women's football broadcasting rights by 2025 for The Women's Super League, The Women's Championship & The Women's National Leagues where matches will be shown exclusively on our unique platform.

Reece Land, Founder & Managing Director of Next Gen Sport Solutions, Next Gen Media Productions & The Next Gen UK Group Ltd told us "This is a huge turning point for women's football & women's sport in general. I suppose the Next Gen Media Productions model could be compared to the likes of Amazon Prime or Netflix but our identity will be unique and the productions we release will be game-changing and take women's football to a whole new level. It's an ambitious move but I believe that our infrastructure allows us to be the driving force in such a movement."

Further details will be released in due course.

If you're interested in being represented and managed by Next Gen Sport Solutions, click here and complete our online form. A member of our Management Team will contact you within 48 hours.