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Last week, Next Gen Sport Solutions Limited released a brief statement detailing that a deal in principle had been agreed within our corporate organisation.

We're delighted to announce that Jordan Guard has joined Next Gen Sport Solutions as a second Company Director.

Reece Land, Founder of Next Gen Sport Solutions, issued the following statement - "I've worked closely with Jordan now for the last 6 months and have been more than impressed with the quality of work, level of detail and the overall work ethic shown. Not only that, but Jordan has really bought into what we're doing as a brand for the women's sporting industry. Over the past 6 months, we've built a very strong relationship where I have full confidence and trust in Jordan to help me drive Next Gen Sport Solutions to become the biggest management company globally. Jordan brings a whole different dimension to Next Gen Sport Solutions. We truly believe that the internal infrastructure we have at Next Gen Sport Solutions can't be matched by any other competitor and by enhancing what we already have, is great news for us, our clients and for women's sports in general."

Jordan Guard gave the following statement - "I am thrilled to be joining Reece as a Director of Next Gen Sport Solutions. I have worked closely with Next Gen for nearly 6 months and have been more than impressed with the ambition, professionalism and intelligence of the company. Next Gen Sport Solutions are undoubtedly one of the biggest female talent management companies in The UK right now and still they want to achieve more. This is an extremely exciting time for female sport and I am looking forward to being part of Next Gen and all their clients future success. Reece and I started a separate business venture earlier this year, that so far, has been a huge success. This made it completely impossible to turn down Reece's offer to come on board and work alongside him at Next Gen too. I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather be in business with!"

Welcome to the New Era of Next Gen Sport Solutions! We promise you, it's going to be EVEN BIGGER and EVEN BETTER.

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