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In Depth: Rebecca McGowan

It’s been a good couple of weeks for NGS client Rebecca McGowan after being called up to the Scotland u19’s squad for their upcoming games, as well as playing a pivotal role in St Johnstone’s perfect league start.

Rebecca, 18, started by telling us “It’s an amazing feeling to get called up to the national squad. Firstly to get selected for the camp and then to be in the squad for Pinatar is a great feeling. I’m really looking forward to it”.

Rebecca currently juggles a busy life whilst maintaining her club football at St Johnstone and international duty with Scotland, Rebecca works full time for Live Active Leisure in Perth where she works within Sports Development as a modern apprentice. Rebecca’s job involves delivering sports sessions to kids of all ages so even when Rebecca isn’t training, she’s still involved heavily around sports. “Football is the sport I do most in my job. I’m currently in my last year (of the apprenticeship) but I really enjoy what I do on a day to day basis. My work have been brilliant and really supportive when I’ve been called up to the National squad, they’ve always gone above and beyond with giving me the time off and I can’t thank them enough” Rebecca added.

Rebecca first caught the eye of NGS when one of our Management Team saw her play on international duty, NGS Founder, Reece Land, told us “We’d actually gone to watch a couple of other players that particular game but I remember Rebecca really standing out. What we loved about her was the attitude and leadership that she showed. Another thing that stood out to us was Rebecca’s game management, for a player at that age it’s not often you see so much maturity and understanding of how to manage a game. We believe in Rebecca to be one of the top midfielders in Scotland in a few years time. She’s still young and learning the game and it’s vital for her development to progress by getting minutes under her belt, St Johnstone have been fantastic with this and we’re extremely excited to be on Rebecca’s journey with her”. Rebecca responded to these comments by adding “It’s been great having the support of NGS. Ever since the first phone call I had with Reece he’s been very positive. He’s always supportive with me and trying to make a massive difference in women’s football which is great”.

Rebecca McGowan recently extended her stay with St Johnstone at the start of this season and her St Johnstone side got off to the perfect start this weekend with a 4-2 win. Rebecca told us “We were really pleased to start the league off by getting 3 points. It was our aim and we put in a good performance as well so overall a good start and hopefully we can continue to improve and get the results we want”. Rebecca has been at St Johnstone for a couple of seasons now and went on to say “I’m really enjoying my football at St Johnstone, the club have been really supportive ever since I made the move there. From the coaching staff to the players it’s a great environment to be involved in and everyone’s so positive and works hard for each other. It’s great for my development also as our league (SWPL2) is really competitive and that’s great to play in”

We were keen to show the world more of the real Rebecca McGowan so we asked some quick fire questions, we may have found our strangest superstition yet....

Q) What is the 1 thing you can’t live without?

A) Probably my car. Just to get to work and football every day.

Q) If you could invite any 3 celebrities to your house for dinner, who would they be and why?

A) Lewis Capaldi, he’s Scottish and funny. Erin Cuthbert & Lionel Messi as they’re both players that I look up to.

Q) Dream holiday destination?

A) Australia

Q) What 2-3 songs are you listening to at the moment?

A) P. Y.T by John Gibbons and Carry On by Kygo & Rita Ora

Q) Tell us your best joke?

A) What’s the best thing about Switzerland? I don’t know but the flag is a big plus....

Q) Do you have any superstitions or pre-match rituals?

A) I normally eat half a banana before each game. But only half!

We concluded this interview by asking Rebecca where she see’s herself in 3 years time which she answered “I would like to see myself playing professional football. It’s my dream. It’s great to see a lot of women’s teams taking a step forward especially in Scotland”. We also asked the NGS Management Team the same question which caused a discussion in our head office, “We have so many good young players at NGS around 17-21 years old, that could all reach the top if they want it enough. Rebecca is part of that group. We see so much potential in Rebecca but it’s important for us to manage her career correctly and at the moment that includes getting as much game time as possible at senior level football and St Johnstone have been excellent with that. Rebecca will only get better as she gets older and she’s still only 18 years old so there’s no real rush. We love Rebecca’s attitude and drive and we’re sure that she will be a fully fledged senior international for Scotland, she has a very bright future and one that we’re very excited about”

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