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The Next Gen Podcast Series

As part of our enhanced media strategy, we're delighted to confirm the arrival of our brand new Next Gen Podcast Series.

Throughout our podcasts, we'll be speaking with Next Gen clients and industry leaders within the Sports & Business sectors.  In January this year, we promised a completely new and enhanced media strategy which has seen the formations of our 'Inside Story', 'Getting To Know' and 'Access All Areas' series. In the first 3 months, we've reached over 52 countries, 5 continents and we've exceeded well over 350,000 views across all official Next Gen Sport Solutions platforms.

A spokesperson from Next Gen Sport Solutions added "In the first 3 months our new media strategy has been a massive success and the proof is there from the digital numbers that we're seeing and also from the feedback that we're receiving. Our brand new podcast series will be like no other on the market. We'll delve deep into specific areas and provide a real insight into women's sport and the business aspects surrounding the sporting industry in general. Majority of our podcasts will be filmed but due to the current COVID-19 situation, our filmed podcasts will commence after the isolation period ends. We'll be rolling out our podcasts on several different platforms which we'll be making a further announcement on shortly."

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